Super Bowl Square Rules

Entry Fee

There is a $100 entry fee for each square purchased. There is no limit to the number of squares that you can purchase. All entry fees must be received no later than the week before the Super Bowl (i.e. Sunday before Super Bowl Sunday). All squares for which entry fees are not received will be opened back up for purchase on the Monday morning before Super Bowl Sunday. The squares are in high demand so if you don't pay on time there are always plenty of people trying to get in.

The preferred method of payment is through Chase QuickPay. When paying by Chase QuickPay send payment to and leave the Memo/Comments field empty (i.e. no gaming references). I know what your payment is for. If you're unable to send through Chase QuickPay, the only other form of payment accepted is Cash or Check sent to my home address at:

Ben Luckett
1605 Forrest Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19810


There are two (2) winners per quarter. The matching square and the inverse square. The payouts per quarter when there is no overtime is $2,000 for a matching square and $500 for an inverse square. Hitting a double number (e.g. 0,0) wins both the matching and inverse for $2,500. If there is overtime, the payouts per quarter are $1,700 for a matching square and $300 for an inverse square. A double number would earn $2,000. If more than one overtime is required, the 9th and 10th payouts are based on the final score (i.e. first overtime score would not payout if the game is still tied). Teams and numbers will be randomly added tothe grid after all squares are purchased and paid for.