Pickmaster Pickem' Rules

Entry Fee

A one time entry fee of $50 (regardless of weeks played). All remaining entry fee dollars go directly to weekly and overall winner prizes. Chicago's Finest does not take any profit from running the Pickmaster Pickem' pool.


Weekly winners win $1 for each person participating in the Pickmaster Pickem' pool. For instance, if there are 100 people in the pool, the weekly winner earns $100 for a weekly win. Overall winners (top 3 overall records) split the remaining pool pot 60%, 25%, 15%. If there are 100 people in the pool, the overall pot would be approximately $3200. All payouts occur at the end of the pool season in January (all entry fees must be received before winners will be paid).

Pick Sheet

Each week an online pool sheet will be made available on the Chicago's Finest Web Site. Each sheet will consist of a full slate of NFL games and enough NCAA games to make at least 20 games for the week (some weeks late in the season may have fewer than 20 games due to the end of NCAA season).


The Pickmaster Pickem' pool will start during the first week of the NFL season and runs through the final week of the NFL regular season including all NCAA bowl games.


Selections are made using the online pool sheet prior to weekly or early game deadlines. Select the winner of each game straight up. Spreads are provided for information purposes only. Do not make your selections based on the game's spread.

Submission Deadlines

Each week's submission week deadline will be set to five minutes prior to the kickoff of the first NCAA game on Saturday of the current week. After the week deadline has passed all picks will be locked and pool sheets will not be able to be submitted. However, several weeks will have early games on Thursday and/or Friday. Early games will have their own game deadline which allows participants to pick the early game(s) without having to make their remaining pool selections until the week deadline on Saturday. If you miss a week, you will receive the same record as the worst record of all submitted sheets.


The participant who picks the most correct games for the current week wins the weekly prize. Each participants' weekly record is added to their season record. The top three overall records at the end of the season win the overall grand prizes.


Weekly ties are broken by total points scored in the week's Monday Night Football game. Overall ties result in an even split of the total prize money of the positions that are tied for. For instance, if three people tie for first place they split the total prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.