NCAA Tourney Rules

Entry Fee

Each bracket entered into Chicago's Finest March Madness Pool is charged a $10 entry fee. All entry fees go directly to the overall winners. Chicago's Finest does not take any profit from running the Chicago's Finest March Madness Challenge Pool.


All brackets must be submitted using the Chicago's Finest website using Bracket Manager 4.0. You may submit as many brackets as you want (as long as you pay the $10 fee for each sheet!). Pick the winner of each game (exluding the play-in games) in the tournament starting with the first round and progressing until the entire bracket is complete.

Submission Deadlines

Brackets can be submitted any time after the official NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament brackets are published and just prior to the first game of the tournament. Don't push it right up to game time as server clocks and game clocks may not be exactly aligned. Online brackets will not be accessible after the deadline and no late entries will be accepted.


Brackets accumulate points for each correct pick for each game in the tournament. Points earned for correct selections increase each round of the tournament as the importance of the games increases. The following outlines points awarded for correct selections by round:

Round Points Per Game Total Available Points
1st 2 64
2nd 4 64
Sweet 16 6 48
Elite 8 8 32
Final Four 10 20
Championship 15 15
Total 243
Pool standings are updated and ranked as games are completed. The bracket with the most total points through each standing update will be ranked #1. The bracket with the fewest points is ranked last and all other brackets are ranked in between from highest to lowest points earned.


After the National Championship game, the final standings will be used to determine the Chicago's Finest March Madness Pool winners. The top three ranked brackets will split the pool pot 60%, 25%, and 15% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.


Total points scored by both teams in the National Championship game will be used to break any and all ties to determine the top 3 ranked brackets. There will only be three winners.