At Chicago's Finest we specialize in office pools, fantasy leagues, and generally anything to do with sports. If you love sports, you've come to the right place. Chicago's Finest has been operating football and basketball office pools and running baseball and football fantasy leagues since 1993.

CEO and President, Ben Luckett, is an avid sports fan and the founder of Chicago's Finest, Inc. The first Luckett managed football pool was in 1990 at Kansas State University's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. In 1992, Ben participated in his first fantasy football league and shortly after moving to Chicago in December, 1992 the legacy of Chicago's Finest was born.

Chicago's Finest Football Pool was introduced in 1993 with most of the participants coming from the offices of Arthur Andersen at Ben's first job after college. After participating in an Andersen fantasy football league with other original league members (Jeff Peterson, Sean Keighron, and Larry Rosenbaum) in 1993, Chicago's Finest began sponsoring fantasy football and baseball leagues in 1994.