Pickmaster Pickem' Challenge
Test your prognostication skills by selecting NFL and NCAA winners in a weekly contest. One of Chicago's Finest most popular and fun challenges. Click on Pickmaster Pickem' in the left menu to review rules and join the challenge. Can you beat the Pickmaster? join now
Collge Bowl Challenge
As the NCAA football season comes to a close this contest really makes the college bowl season a lot of fun. Select winners and set confidence points in all of the bowl games and add a little bit of action to your Christmas and New Year holiday season. join now
Playaz Invitational Challenge
Think your prognostications can compete with the odds makers? If you're lucky enough to get an invite to this exclusive contest you'll find the competition stiff and the games even tougher. If you would like an invitation please contact James Korzen.
Superbowl Squares
The last major event of the football season is culminated with the extremely popular Superbowl Squares contest. If you're favorite team is not in the big game don't fret and add a rooting interest by participating with one or more squares. Don't wait long as they go fast! join now